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New Tree Planting

If you have just recently moved into a new area and you are looking for a way to help out the community and earth as one, you may want to get new trees, or maybe plants some extra trees in your area. New tree planting is one of the best ways you can help out. You might be wondering just how planting trees would help out, but think of the endless possibilities with having more trees around.

By planing just one extra tree in your neighborhood, you provide a home for many creatures both big and small. This does depend on the location of the tree, but think of how many insects live in trees. Birds also make nests in trees. Squirrels often live inside trees, and sometimes even animals as big as raccoons. If everybody around were to plant just one tree in their community, within a few years time, that tree will have grown to an appropriate size for many creatures to call it their home.

Where do you get new trees though? Many people order trees online, though this isn’t always the best option because shipping can be rough for a live tree, especially if it’s a long journey from the shipping company to your house.

You will need to get a tree from somewhere though if you want to participate in new tree planting. One other option besides ordering online is to go to a local plant shop, which may offer many selections of saplings and other little trees. These are quite cheap to buy and will last a lifetime. But if you don’t live near a local plant shop, you can grow a tree yourself but this will just take some extra time. Do research on how to get a seed, and voila, a tree.

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