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Junk Removal
Bailey’s Lawn Care Will Serve All Your Needs

Bailey’s Lawn Care is located in Stafford, Virginia, and has operated as a lawn care service since 2016. Of all the benefits of owning a home with three acres, there could be three acres of lawn waste or junk, which create the desperate cry of please remove my junk! Lawn trash removal is a specialty that should not be left to amateurs.

The homeowner sometimes does not consider lawn trash removal a high priority and will eventually be faced with three acres of ugly decomposition, while some decomposition has a value to fertilize the soil.

Lawn junk and debris include the following: branches, clippings, stumps, soil, sod, landscaping debris, fencing, firewood, lumber,
old timber, plasterboard, frames, windows, and shingles.

Yard Work
Yard Work

Yard Work No Longer A Bad Word After a long Winter, Spring has now sprung across a majority of.

Retaining Walls
Retaining Walls

If you are looking to add some much-needed design to the outside of your home, retaining walls may be.

Sod Service
Sod Service

Sod Services are the way to go to get your grass as healthy as possible. Sod is very important.